July 30, 2013

Taking It Easy... A #KingdomWoman Time of Reflection

I think sometimes when we get married, we may start to lose our identity; our purpose, power, and possibilities. Reading Kingdom Woman and attending our Desperate for Jesus conference this past weekend reminded and instilled in me that I'm just as essential to God's Kingdom Agenda as my husband. Hearing the word through each speaker reiterated that, in addition to what I'm purposed to do as a wife, I have things the Lord has purposed in me to do as a Kingdom Woman to bring Him glory..

Being a helpmate doesn't mean we're an accessory or a bonus to what God has asked our husbands to do (Got that from Pastor Evans). We should always respect his position and the leadership role The Lord has given him. However, just know that we're not to feel that we're less than him in what The Lord has asked us to do to glorify Him as well.

I felt so refreshed at the conference this weekend, not just because of this realization, but because of the fellowship with other women of God and confirmation in my heart as to where the Lord is leading me in this season of my life. So, with that, I've just been taking it easy this week, relishing the time I had in God's presence, sifting through life's daily tasks, and praying about the direction my life will go from this point.  It's a time of reflection.

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