September 23, 2015

What I Did Wednesday...

It's another day in the life of ME!!  Living a gracious, grateful life regardless of what the circumstances look like.

6am to 7:15am
Get up, get up... Get up, get up...

My alarm goes off...Thank you, Lord for waking me up.

I look over at my hubby. Thank you, Lord for him. Thank you for waking him up.

We read devotion together and discuss the topic, "Serving Each Other". Thank you, Lord for Quality time together in Your word.  Thank you for allowing us to pray together daily and start our day off right.

I get dressed and drive my son to school. Thank You, Lord for shelter, clothing, and transportation. Thank you for my son and education in a safe environment. Protect him today.

I fix my husband's coffee, breakfast, and lunch. Thank you, Lord for food!

Driving to work with hubby. Thank You, Lord for giving us more time to communicate and your protection from dangers seen and unseen along the way. Protect him today.

Conference call with client. Thank you, Lord for opportunities to serve others through the talents You've given me. Bless his ministry today.

Driving my granddaughter to daycare, adult children to college, and onto the office. Thank you, Lord for my children and time to spend with my granddaughter. Thank you for an office to go to. Protect each of us as we go our separate ways today. Bring us back together safely.

Work, work, and more work! I love it! Thank you, Lord for the people I'm blessed to meet (online and in person) and help throughout the day. May you meet each of their needs.

Pickup granddaughter and head home for a little break and get dinner started. Make a few phone calls for hubby. Thank you, Lord for breaks!

On the road again!! Another opportunity to communicate with hubby. Thank you, Lord for this much needed time to relax and share with each other outside of work and home. Married to each other, not the marriage. There's a huge difference!  Got a little playtime in with the grandbaby, pickup my youngest son from football practice, then head home to finish dinner.

The rest of the night, dinner, writing about my day, watching hubby fix our wobbly ceiling fan, look for a new car, watch a little TV (#Rosewood, #Empire), then off to bed!

Another day, the Lord didn't promise! I thank Him for it!! Now off to relax with the fam. Thank you for bringing us back together safely in our home.

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