February 24, 2015

Snow Days Make Me Hungry!!

Texas is known for it's red hot chili and super hot temperatures in the summertime (no Spring at all!). So when we get snow and ice, it's like we're experiencing a blizzard! Mostly everything gets shut down - schools, churches, businesses, government and city offices - and people go into hibernation mode.

Grocery stores are raided as if it were the night before Thanksgiving...

It's that serious!

I personally enjoy the snow - when I don't have to DRIVE in it!  I love the way it looks, the way it feels. It's so very pretty! Like a huge blanket spread across the earth. You get to see the little paw prints of the animals that scurry around outside. It's just a beautiful reminder of how GREAT is our God. Who could do something like this?  Definitely not mere man.

The only thing about being snowed in is... 

It makes me hungry!  

But when you're snowed in, there's always something you want to eat that's NOT in the pantry or the refrigerator!  I'm supposed to be on a health kick - no sweets, lowering the sodium intake, eating more fruits and veggies, and I've been doing a great job... til now.

Now I want to bake!  LOL

Yesterday I baked peanut butter cookies with my youngest son. 

Today I feel like baking butter cookies or sugar cookies - ANYTHING - and I want a pizza...


I have NO clue but I just feel like eating all day long when I'm snowed in. I'm not happy about it but it is what it is. 

Besides eating, what I like most about snow days is being able to catch up on reading and writing, as well as reflecting. While some people may look at it from a negative perspective, I look at it as a blessing.

Being snowed in allows us time to slow down and reflect and spend quality time with loved ones. Small things that we so often take for granted.

I reminded my son about the time we visited a tent city... For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an area occupied by the homeless. It's quite a sight and will bring tears to the eyes of anyone who has an inkling of care and compassion for others in their bones. 

The site we visited was under a bridge in Ft. Worth. It was during Christmastime and it was extremely cold outside. One family decorated a tree with cans, socks, and scarves to make a Christmas tree. There were entire families living in tents - they had no electricity, no beds, barely any food. 

The bare necessities of life.

It was such a humbling experience so when my son complains about having to do chores, not being able to watch TV, I take him back to that moment and remind him to be thankful because many people are one paycheck from being in that place of homelessness. 

But I digress.

I don't take for granted that snow days make me hungry. I'm grateful that I can look in my refrigerator and my pantry to feed my hunger.  

I'm grateful that I can bake cookies or order pizza. 

I'm very grateful that God has provided us with all of our needs. 

In the midst of being thankful, I pray for those who don't have their very basic needs met.
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