January 22, 2015

Upcoming Book Review: A Wife After God 30 Day Devotional

A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to join a lovely group of women for discussion and preview the book entitled, Kingdom Woman, written by my pastor Dr. Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst. It was a great read. In a short review on Amazon, I stated:
When Dr. Evans introduced Kingdom Man last year, I yearned for the time when a book would be written to guide and teach me about my purpose for God's Kingdom. I have eagerly awaited this moment and now that it's here, it's all I anticipated and more. I have had a hard time putting the book down to attend to "stuff"... and that's okay! It's inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting from the very beginning, referencing scripture and bringing it down to a level of understanding for application to your everyday life. I love the concept of writing from the Father/Husband, Daughter/Wife perspective because we as women look to our Heavenly Father as well as our earthly one for guidance in the matters of being the type of woman God would have us to be. Thank you, as always, Pastor Evans and Chrystal for humbling yourself and allowing yourselves to be transparent to all for the sake of the Kingdom! May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others.
Now, I am honored to be given the opportunity to read and write a detailed review on a new devotional entitled Wife After God, by Jennifer Smith. I just got my copy yesterday and I'm already excited about the journey!

Jennifer Smith has a blog entitled Unveiled Wife that I've been following for a little over a year now. She's been blogging here since 2011 and I'm in awe at what the Lord has done in her life and in her ministry. Her husband also blogs at Husband Revolution. Now, of course, I don't follow his blog, but I have glanced and it seems to be some pretty uplifting and encouraging information for husbands. (I referred my hubby to the site, but not sure if he's following or not!) I envision that one day the Lord will take our experiences and allow us to be a testimony to others as well. He's preparing us!

Anywho, check back soon to see my full review of the devotional! If you can't wait, check below for more info about the book and how to purchase it for yourself.

- more info: http://unveiledwife.com/wife-after-god/
- buy now: http://unwf.co/wife-after-god

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