January 23, 2015

Today is National Pie Day!

Did you know there's a National Pie Day holiday?  I never knew until I visited a group member's blog yesterday. I have to say that after Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, and my birthday, National Pie Day is at the top of my favorite list of holidays!  Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Peach cobbler, Sweet potato pie, Cheesecake... My, oh my, do I love pie!!

So, in my quest to find out more information about this delicious day, I found several places that celebrate the day by giving away FREE slices of pie! My plan was to make my mom's famous banana surprise cheesecake but FREE is always great!

According to the Dallas Morning News, Norma’s CafĂ© will be "scooping up free slices of pie all day long today, Friday, January 23 and everybody gets a piece of the pie. For free. No purchase necessary". They go on to say:
"This year’s slice just so happens to be a famous favorite: Norma’s famous Mile-High Cream Pie. Underneath that magnificent mile of sweet cream, before you get to the crust, the choices for pie filling could possibly include chocolate, coconut, lemon, peanut butter, Oreo and Reese’s. Flavors are based on availability, but Norma’s plans to offer this freebie for all those flavors at each of its three locations".

Woo hoo! When I gather the kiddos after school, we're heading over to Norma's for a free slice! I called ahead to make sure it was true. The only catch is you have to dine-in.

Works for me!

To find a location in your neck of the woods, CLICK HERE!

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