October 1, 2013

#KingdomWoman... Good In the Way of Great


Every Monday during our #KingdomWoman “One Month Journey”, we were given an assignment with the purpose of translating the message received from reading the book into active life change.  I've enjoyed the journey this past month and am looking forward to what God has for me to do from this point forward! 

The Monday Mission I chose this week is "Good in the Way of Great"... 

In Chapter 9 we read, “show me your calendar, and I will show you your priorities.”  What is one thing that you have been busy doing that you will make a plan to STOP DOING (or at least change the frequency or amount of your involvement).  It’s time to put feet to the pavement ladies.  What regular ongoing commitment or activity is good but that is keeping you from doing God’s BEST!
There were three missions to choose from and I could have easily chosen one of the other two. However, I'm online A LOT! (And hubby has actually given me the side eye a couple of times) so that's why I chose this one. Now, mostly, I use social media for business and it's been that way since 2004. But, as I've kept up with the trends and news, I've learned how to automate most of my business networks.  On the other hand, my personal pages are just that. I share what has inspired me during devotion or conversations I've had with others or what's been happening in my life. Even though what I feel I'm doing is good, I do realize it may be keeping me from doing God's best.  So, on Monday, I began shutting down my access and notifications for all my social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram). I went back and forth about whether to stop blogging, too, but decided that because it's not my normal vehicle for social media and I don't have a lot of interaction here, it's not a distraction that would keep me from doing God's best. In fact, blogging is a better use of my time online because I'm committed to writing more these days in addition to reading and studying God's word. 

Today is the first day of my commitment to take a break from social media for at least one week so that I can reorganize my priorities, refocus, and regain an atmosphere of balance in my respective roles. So far so good! I believe that taking this time off will allow me to clearly hear what God has to say about this season of my life and what I need to be doing to make sure I'm in alignment with Him and going in the direction He would have me to go.

Even in Pastor Evans' sermon series, "Detours to Destiny", it seems that it's just the right time for me to take this time off.  Who knows? At the end of the seven days, I may just decided to limit my social media activity indefinitely!  I don't know exactly what's happening, but I do know the signs are all around me that I'm on the verge of a huge breakthrough. Like detours having detours having detours! God's word is so amazing. HE is so amazing... I'm just preparing myself for whatever He has in store.

So many times we can be sidetracked by how slowly things seem to be going. In fact, the enemy loves to point that out! But remember, that's when God may be doing some of His greatest work. You see, it's not all about you and me. The Lord's work in us is preparation for the work He wants to do through us! ~Joyce Meyer
I don't want to be unprepared for the work He has for me to do. Ciao for now!

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