October 2, 2013

Endless Possibilities. No Fear. No excuses!

The last time I spoke at my home church, it was in front of a group of teen moms in our "Daughters of the King" ministry.  Because I had journeyed that route of life, I was asked if I would share from my heart and encourage these young ladies who had been invited from our community. At the time, I'd never really shared my story with anyone on that type of platform and I was really nervous.  I'd also entered a new season of my life; divorced and raising my children in a single parent home. How could I even think about encouraging someone else in the middle of my own mess? But God always knows the right time and the right place, doesn't He? We just have to be prepared and willing to be used for His glory in it all.
Each Kingdom Woman has a ministry to another woman through the local church. ~Chrystal Evans Hurst
I prayed about it and felt God had brought me to a place as an adult where I could look back at where I was, what I went through, and where He brought me to, in order to share my testimony with those young women who were in that season of life. My heart went out to the young ladies whose relationships with their mothers were strained because of the choices they'd made and I shared that I, too, had once had a strained relationship with my mom, but eventually, we became closer than ever.  I remember looking into their eyes and seeing glimmers of hope knowing that they weren't alone in their circumstances and their future was not doomed because of their current station in life.  I remember just thanking God for the opportunity to speak with them and for giving me the right words to say.

That event took place over ten years ago.  When I was asked to share with our Women's Ministry Titus 2 Saturday, the memories of that event flashed through my mind. I was caught totally off guard and I got butterflies in my stomach. As I drove around for a few hours, my mind started rambling. I knew what my testimony was back then. But in this case, with so much having transpired in my life, it wasn't clear at first where I would fit in. When I spoke ten years ago, I knew what I was going to share because they told me what I would be speaking on. However, in this case, I was given a choice as to what I would like to share. I thought... Let’s see. On the one hand, I’m a business woman and I encourage other women in business… On the other hand, I’ve been married now for almost 5 years… but, wait a minute. I WAS a single mom for almost 13 years. I’ve had some bumps and bruises trying to find balance, learning how to submit, and all that jazz as a business woman, a married woman, and a mom of a blended family… But, I actually made it THROUGH the season of single parenting! Hmmmmmm.
The misery in one season of life may prepare you for the ministry in the next! ~Chrystal Evans Hurst
So, again, I prayed about it and when I was told that no one had ever presented on single parenting, it became clear that this is where the Lord would have me to share in this season of the life He has given me. It's more than a notion to raise kids in a two-parent home and much moreso in a one-parent home. If anyone could testify to that, it would be me! But for the grace of God, I made it and if what I learned can help someone else, I'm a willing servant.
Every woman has learned something no matter how far down the road she has gone. The question is not whether there is someone you can disciple, train, or model. You just have to stop and ask the Lord who that person is! ~Chrystal Evans Hurst
I’ll admit that although I've had experience as an inspirational speaker, I still get nervous speaking to large crowds of people! But, one of my takeaways from being on this Kingdom Woman journey is that I can't allow fear to stop me from walking where God wants me to walk, including publicly sharing the things that helped me make it through the challenge of parenting alone. Throughout the journey, I’d been asking the Lord to show me my purpose. I don't fully know what direction He's leading me, but who am I to question Him and the path He's taking me on? I’m learning to listen carefully, stay connected, be obedient, and go with His flow. God is in control and I'm just a vessel to be used for His glory.
God wants you to live in a way that leaves room for Him to tell you how to spend your time, whom to spend time with, and how to best express yourself in the context of engaging others. Leave margin—make room for the activities and people whom God wants in your life. ~Chrystal Evans Hurst
Reading this book and going on this journey has helped me reconnect, realign, and refocus my priorities.  I decided in advance to say, "Yes", to His will.  Do I still get jitters?  Ummmmm...  Yes!  However, I've learned that when I'm committed to what The Lord wants, I can do more than I could ever imagine.  With Him, the possibilities are endless.  No fear.  No excuses!

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