September 23, 2013

The Birthday Trap...

I've been celebrating my birthday all month. I didn't ask anyone to get me gifts or join me in celebrating. I just chose to celebrate my life everyday by giving to myself. If anyone knows me, I give to everyone BUT myself so I thought it was high time I started to pamper myself - at least for this month. When I first thought about doing it, I felt really selfish and self-centered. But after thinking about it, I asked myself - why shouldn't I celebrate the life the Lord has given me everyday. Why shouldn't I feel special and valued every day of my life? I shouldn't depend on myself or others for my value. God has done that already. I am a Kingdom Woman!

Now, being a Kingdom Woman doesn't make me perfect. No one is perfect. I say this because after several days of giving to myself, when my official birthday came, I just knew that I was going to be lavished with gifts and special treatment. NOT! Well, my daughter sent me some edible arrangements and my son (and adopted son) went out and got me a card and a mug and I got a lot of birthday wishes from Facebook friends and family across the miles. 


Of course, hubby TRIED to start my day off right by waking me a little after midnight so he could be the first to tell me 'Happy Birthday'. But, no, that just wasn't enough for me. My poor hubby! I got caught up in the birthday trap and I was less than "Kingdom Womanish" with him and the rest of my family. Oh, I was not a happy camper and I let it be known in a very un-Kingdom Womanish display of tears and discontent. Unbeknownst to me, the family had been planning a surprise birthday weekend for me. 

I went on with my day of pampering myself, but while I drove to my destination, I got convicted about my attitude. 


It was a swift kick to my rear and I realized I needed to repent, apologize, and ask some sisters to pray over me for the way I'd behaved. Thankfully, I was forgiven and shown some mercy because by Friday, it was on!!

The festivities began with a dinner date with hubby. I love On the Border!! 

On Saturday, I was driven to my cousin-in-laws to get my hair done. Then hubby took my car for a much needed wash and all the family chipped in to purchase and install a new car radio!

On Sunday, three generations of men cooked for me! I was banned from the kitchen as my hubby, son, and father-in-law, fired up the BBQ grill. 

I really had a great time for my birthday weekend and I appreciate my family for all the planning and thought they put into it. I've got to learn how not to get caught in the birthday trap or any other "special occasion" and appreciate the love, encouragement, and support they give me daily.

As I reflect on this, I think about how we may treat God the same way sometimes. He blesses us with brand new mercies every day! But in the hustle and bustle of life, we take that for granted. We get upset about what we don't have instead of counting our blessings for what we do have. Don't get caught in the "blessings trap". Appreciate who God is and be content with what He's already given you on a daily basis.


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