September 24, 2013

#KingdomWoman... One Step At a Time

I've gotten behind in my writing but I'm still on my Kingdom Woman journey!! Today, we were to choose a mission to accomplish. I chose to take steps towards my purpose for my Monday Mission. Asking God to:

1. Remove any fear when opportunities present themselves;

2. Replace discouragement with encouragement when I face roadblocks or what appear to be setbacks;

3. Allow me to accept those things I cannot change and work wholeheartedly on the things I can change;

4. Help me to set aside the quiet time necessary to read and hear from Him clearly for every aspect of my life;

5. Help me remember that perfection is not necessary to do what He's called me to do;

6. Provide me with the right people and/or resources He deems necessary to carry out the plans He has for me in this season; and

7. Remove distractions!

Another thing I've resolved to do is get a new routine/schedule and stick to it. It was very clear to me today that I'm going in the right direction. Two of the devotionals I've been reading were centered on Paul's state of contentment and I've been praying for that in addition to more of a balance. I'd kind of gotten off track so I needed to get back on the train and ride it to the intended destination!

All aboard!!

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