September 13, 2013

#KingdomWoman... Her Gifts, Influence, & Impact

Many long moons ago, our church did a church-wide spiritual gifts inventory - Uniquely You. With that tool, I discovered that I was high on the side of encouragement and serving with teaching bringing up the rear. That event inspired me to create something that would impact and encourage others to use their God given gifts and talents in alignment with their God given purpose in the business world. As I began transitioning into self-employment, I felt an urge to help others achieve their dream of entrepreneurship as well. That was over eight years ago!

As I write, I remember how on fire I was to get started. God had blessed me with a number of opportunities to learn and meet people that gave me the know-how and resources to make an impact on the women in my sphere of influence. Our Assistant Pastor at the time said 'your gifts will make room for you' and I was ready to walk into what The Lord wanted me to do in this area of my life. Everything seemed to be in place! I prayed about it and met with the Operations Manager of a new women's networking group because my goal was to create a similar network with a faith-based niche. With the help of some sisters-in-Christ, I did it! The organization was created and we began to grow our group of five women to over 1200 on and offline. There was an audience of women helping each other grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. For three years, women were encouraged through workshops and online networking opportunities. Local Christian business owners from different industries that I'd met over the years volunteered to teach workshops, share their knowledge, and support women in business and those who aspired to do so. As shy as I was (and still am), I stepped forward to teach what I'd learned along the way as well. It was great! Then, I got distracted and 'LIFE' happened. Boy did it ever!

First, I tried to help manage my son's music career. However, I stepped back due to the direction he decided to take. I just couldn't follow him there and needed to let go of being "mommy" and let him learn how to make it on his own. Then, a few years later, I decided to take a sabbatical to become acclimated with my new life as wife and mom in a blended family environment, but the ministry was still always in the back of my mind. Thanks to social media, the network continued to grow and my immediate circle of women continued marching forward even though I stepped back to regroup and find balance between home and business. They were always encouraging me, checking on me, and building me up so I wouldn't let go of what I know the Lord gave me. There were many times when I wanted to just let go and give it away to someone else, but I just couldn't. Besides the tugging at my heart, the women who surrounded me throughout the life of this ministry wouldn't let me!

Now that I've completed the Kingdom Woman book and began the one month journey to go deeper, I realize it's time to refocus and "get back in the saddle" because God gave me the gifts I have in order to bless others to influence and impact the world for His Kingdom. I know that more than ever now and I'm praying daily for the focus and balance needed to get it right.  I've always wanted to make a difference in this lifetime... not for my glory, but for His!  I'm so grateful for the time He's given me to "get it together" and all of the wonderful people He's brought into my life to help me focus. Now it's time for me to step into my purpose, power, and possibilities!

On top of this particular ministry, there's a book somewhere deep inside me and also a play that I've been wanting to write for years as well. I know it's time to birth this baby because I nearly ran over the person I needed to speak with about it at church about a week or so ago! I've tried to look for confirmation before moving on anything and I'm grateful I'm open to receive it when it shows itself. When you open yourself up to be aligned with God's word, when you become obedient, you can't help but step into what He has for you to do!

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