August 11, 2013

WomanPreneur 101... Stop Giving Away Your Profits

I saw a post on LinkedIn today and it got me to thinking. I'm sure many business owners have experienced this at one point during their entrepreneurial journey... losing profit by bartering and/or under-selling your products and services. We certainly have experienced this in our business. Boy have we ever! However, we made a conscious decision to improve in this area when we had our annual meeting last year. We couldn't afford to not take a serious look at this area of our business. Our goal is to help others but we won't be able to do that if we don't have anything to help them with! Plus, most times we got the short end of the stick when we've tried to barter or help others by lowering our pricing so, we decided we would no longer barter our services. More importantly though is if we don't value someone else's business by PAYING what they're worth, we can't expect anyone to value our business and pay us what we're worth. We want to value the people The Lord brings to us and treat them the way we'd want to be treated. Next, so that we can still give our clients the 'corporate look without the corporate price', we've done research and development and priced our services just a little under industry standard, but not so low that we under-sell ourselves and give away our services. We want to be fair in our pricing but still be able to provide for our operating expenses and ourselves.

If you're trying to make wise decisions in your business and stop giving away your profits, be sure to read the overview in the article below, enroll in the free seminar, and get some useful information to help you make better decisions for a more successful business.
BTW, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being blessed. However, remember God doesn't bless us to bless ourselves. He blesses us so we can be a blessing to others. If what He does for you can't pass through you to others then it's all in vain! Don't be stingy with your gifts and blessings. Kingdom 'WomanPreneur', allow The Lord to use you and your gifts to turn this world right-side up again!

Feel free to share your thoughts!  Blessings and Happy Networking!
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