August 10, 2013

#Kingdom Woman... Amazing

I've had a busy day today but I just want to say that God is so amazing. I woke up this morning in a different place.  Still kind of reeling from the past few days. We really haven't been reading our couples' devotional as often as we should. But we decided to take a look before we started our day. Low and behold what did we see when we opened up our devotional this morning?  Click on the link below to see for yourself and you tell me!

Dr. Dobson's Married Couples Devotional - Aug. 10 - Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not only that, one of the first posts I saw on Facebook right before I started writing this blog was one of praise for single parenthood.  So what do you think now?  I'm not crazy!  Isn't the Lord Amazing?!
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