July 16, 2013

Kingdom Woman... We Are Significant!

Who is this #KingdomWoman? She’s a D.I.V.A. 
(Designed, Invented, & Valued by the Almighty)

I couldn't wait to wake up this morning to begin reading, Kingdom Woman. (My poor husband had a flash of light beaming in his face from my iPhone at around 5AM CST).  I know I'm going to enjoy reading this book cover to cover as I always have whenever I've picked up a book by our pastor or our first lady. I always try not to be biased because of the love and support I have for my first family but really take an in depth look at what's being said and how to apply it to my life as a woman of God. Every book I've read to date has been solid and absolute truth taken from the word of God with practical life application and I don't expect anything less from this one.

The first thing that really stuck out to me in the introduction, The Significance of a Kingdom Woman, were these words written in Chrystal's Chronicles... "You don't have to seek anyone else's approval for the life God has given you to live".  

But that's what we do as women!  We look for others to approve the way we look, the way we talk, the way we dress... even the way we worship!  We look for others to approve our status - rich, poor, single, married, etc... And that's how satan gets his hands on us. We put the stock of our self-worth and significance in what other's think rather than what God says about us and we become discontent with where God has us instead of being content where He has us based on how other people view us.  I love the fact that the introduction begins with the first woman who ever felt insignificant - Eve.

If you feel insignificant, I challenge you to get this book to learn about your significance in God's Kingdom and the purpose and plan God has laid out for your life. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and focus on God's Kingdom first and foremost.

"God has designed a plan and a purpose for you. You are not just 'fearfully and wonderfully made' (Psalm 139:14, you are created in the image of a radiant, magnificent God who is full of beauty and splendor". #KingdomWoman

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