July 15, 2013

Kingdom Woman... The Journey to Kingdom Womanhood begins!

Today is the day I begin reading Kingdom Womanthe companion book to Kingdom Man that my husband began reading along with our pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, last year.

I honestly felt somewhat left out at first that there was this wonderful guide to show my husband to be the man of God he was called to be, but there wasn't one for me! Hubby would stand during service with his three fingers held high, beaming and proud of attaining this Kingdom Man status and, yes, I was happy to have a Kingdom Man, but I wanted to be more of a Kingdom Woman, too. I didn't feel right sneaking a peak into his "manhood" although others told me it was okay. I yearned for a guide in addition to our daily devotions, and of course, the final say about it all, The Bible, that would help me continue to live out the charge that Pastor Evans gave us on our wedding day - "Be God's kind of man and be God's kind of woman and you'll have God's kind of marriage". And so, now, here it is, Kingdom Womanand I'm so excited to begin my own journey! I look forward to reading and applying the advice in my own life and sharing it with other women.

I wonder if we'll have some fingers to hold up during service... LOL


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