July 22, 2013

#Kingdom Woman... A Day In the Life

It's back to the swing of things today. My bonus kiddos went home Sunday afternoon and my youngest went to camp so it's just me and the honey for a week. What in heaven's name will we do with all this quietness? I'm sure we'll figure it out!  We call it our 'empty nest' training ground. LOL

So what was our Monday like?  Hectic as usual!  But a good hectic... We had our weekly business meeting to discuss old business and new business, what worked, what didn't work, how to improve, etc, etc, then we got down to the brass tacks and dug in for what we expect to be a great week for business.  Even when the money is funny, we're grateful to still be able to say we have a business and God gets the glory in how we treat others through our business.

Today, we got two new clients, setup some meetings, finished projects, and by 5pm, we were ready to end our day, relax, and enjoy each other's company... and that's exactly what we did! We went out to dinner and talked about this weekend's events and by the time we finished and got home, it was after 8pm. I got a call and, with hubby's blessing, went to spent some time with our small group to love on our sister some more and see if she needed anything and then back home safely into the strong arms waiting to hold me and listen to me share my heart...

I didn't get to read my book, but that's okay... I always give God glory through the good, the bad, the ugly and always praying for an opportunity for another day of grace and mercy to enjoy to the fullest. Grateful for the time I've been given each day.  Life is too short not to enjoy every second, every minute, and every hour with the people we love. Don't sweat the small stuff and choose your battles (if you have any) wisely... You just never know.

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