June 7, 2010

31 Day Challenge - Day 9 - God's Grace is Sufficient for Me!

Good stewards look for opportunities to pass along to others what we have received from the Lord. May all of us be “good stewards of the manifold grace of God” (1 Peter 4:10). (Our Daily Bread)

Today was another peaceful day and it's also my mom's birthday. I couldn't get in touch with her until late in the day, but I'm thankful I had a moment to speak to her.

I started the day early, dropping my daughter off at the airport. Watching her go through the security checkpoint for the first time without me was heart wrenching. I sat in the parking lot and prayed and cried because it hit me that my little girl is really a young lady now. She has her driver's permit and "thinks" she has a boyfriend. She's talking about working and traveling and her future... Oh me, oh my!! She called me later to let me know she arrived safely and I instructed my middle son of some guidelines she still needs to follow while she's away from home and to put her to work so she can earn/pay for some of the privileges she's been blessed to receive.

I dropped my 9 yr old son off at the new summer day camp around 9. It's really only his 2nd year going to a camp and this one is one I'm not familiar with. After I finally found the place, I talked briefly with one of the workers, surveyed the surroundings, and taking deep breaths, hugged him, and walked away. Another prayer for safety and protection for my child. New people, new surroundings... I was sure he'd be ok. I was just nervous. It felt like dropping my oldest son off at school for the first time. The good thing is he'll only be there for 4 hours... it's also a bad thing since I'll have to leave the office earlier than anticipated. Me and my sis and Christ talked about pickup arrangements since she may start bringing her kids there. Praying that that will work out!! When I picked him up, he was excited and before I could answer the lady's question about whether he'd be coming back, he shouted - "See you tomorrow"! He let me know how much fun he had, his new friends, and especially how much he liked the food... Hallelujah - he just proved - "a way to a man's heart is his stomach". LOL. Starting so young!!

I received a wonderful message from Mama T, the author of the book I'm reading, Ready to Win, and decided to write her to let her know how things are going on our end. I really adore her. She's so down to earth and like a mother/grandmother figure. I enjoy our messages. One of these days I'm going to get to go on one of her excursions!

I'm grateful for all that the Lord provided for me today and the most amazing thing that happened is that in my writing to Mama T, I began to think about the fact that hubby and I never got a chance to go on a honeymoon. To my surprise, I received a call from the Pastor of Fellowship and Director of the Couples' Ministry inviting us to a Couples Retreat this weekend - all paid for! I can't wait!

Thank you, Father for Your grace and Your blessings... even when I don't deserve it, You continue to be here for me. I cannot thank You enough. All I can do is say thank You and continue to strive to be all that you want me to be!!
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