June 6, 2010

31 Day Challenge - Day 8 - The Breastplate of Righteousness!

Today's service was confirmation once again. Pastor Evans started a series on "The Armor of God" 3 weeks ago. Today was part II - discussing the breastplate of righteousness. He emphasized the definition of righteousness as the standard God requires for His people to be acceptable to Him based on HIS truth and applying it. Unrighteousness attracts demons.

Last year, I attended the Ready to Win Conference with Thelma "Mama T" Wells. I purchased the book and read it... But I didn't apply it. So now I'm rereading it alongside Pastor Evans' series because in my Proverbs 31 Life quest, I really want to work on my inside, my heart, because that is where transformation takes place.

I know that this week, this summer in general, is going to be a test of my heart transformation and will grow me. Not in a bad way. Just a little different than what I'm used to. My daughter leaves for ATL tomorrow and will be gone for a month, my 9 yr old starts a new camp with folks I know nothing about, my other children (Hubby's bio kids) will be spending a portion of the summer with us as well. My big thing is idle time for kids during the summer. I despise it!! I'm used to my kids being in camp or traveling. Hubby on the other hand, doesn't necessarily agree with that concept as far as I can tell. We come truly from different backgrounds an dlifestyles! I like to plan and organize, sometimes spontaneous, but still in decensy and order. Hubby is sporadic and all over the place. Sometimes that's a good thing - opposites attract, right? But sometimes... it just drives me nuts!! So, I think this is where my biggest test is going to be for the summer.

Anywho, back to Pastor Evans' sermon notes... "God judges unrighteousness by the action AND the motivation". As I understood the sermon, sometimes folks do good things with the wrong motivation. This doesn't meet God's standards either. Religion is just "righteousness management" or "behavior modification". This is not what God wants from us and hence the breastplate of righteousness to protect our heart so that we seek righteousness in the right direction - from the inside out. My motivation for change has nothing to do with man. It has to do with being right with God and fulfilling HIS purpose for me on this earth to His honor and glory!!!
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