June 2, 2010

31 Day Challenge - Day 4 - I Can Do This!!

When facing a problem that leaves you feeling helpless, remember we have a powerful God to whom we can bring our concerns. So before you do anything else, remember to ASAP-Always Say A Prayer (Our Daily Bread)

"She is prepared for the day". My daily bread reading was right on time this morning! I woke up with my mind stayed on Jesus despite the enemy trying to get at me because of what happened yesterday. I chose to remember what happened, but not DWELL on it. Today was a new day and I refused to allow anything to ruin my quest for success!!

"She works out – she stays physically fit and prepared for God’s tasks". I hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes, did 2 reps of situps, leg lifts, and some other floor exercise that I don't know what to call but it works! Drank 16 oz of water and had some watermelon for breakfast.

"She comforts and encourages her husband and her children". I sat with my 9 yr old while he had breakfast and talked to him about how his day would go - 2 days and counting! After getting him on his way with some encouragement, I went back to lay my head on hubby's chest and tried to encourage him as well. It started off well but we ended up disagreeing on some things... But I didn't let it get me down. I sang praises to my king and then off to the races for me! Got my daughter up to go walk the dog.

"She provides food for her family". Looking around the kitchen, I felt like Old Mother Hubbard with no food in her cupboard!! With about $5 to my name and knowing I needed to put that in my gas tank, I headed out the door to do what I had to do to get some food in the house!!

"She works with her hands in delight". I made sure to post some encouragement to my personal and business pages and headed off to the office. I made sure to do everything in decency and order with regard to the tasks that needed to be completed for the office. Once that was completed, I worked on making sure I had camp secured for my 9 yr old and gathered what I needed to get some help for our bills. After that, I headed to pickup my daughter's cell phone that had to be repaired. Whew!!

When I got home, I had to sit and pray as I faced a barrage of complaints and negativity... I refused to allow all this good day to go to waste! Once everything settled down and everyone had eaten, hubby and I settled in to talk about some issues we've not had a chance to really talk about. It started out kind of rocky, but in the end, we were mellow and on one accord. We ended up watching game shows for the rest of the night starting with The NewlyWed Game - we only missed ONE question! LOL.

Even though the money is looking funny and I'm unsure where it's going to come from, with God's help, today was a GREAT day!!
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