June 1, 2010

31 Day Challenge - Day 3 - Here We Go!!

From everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness. -- Psalm 103:17-18

It's about 7:30AM. So far, today is going according to "plan". I woke up with some struggles but prayed to God to help me through the thoughts I was having about them. I recalled specific verses from Proverbs 31 to get my mind back on track and remembered that I should always wake with Christ on my mind first. Amazing how that works! I put a smile on my face, had a little talk with Jesus, and pushed forward.

Sent my 9 year old off to school with a hug and encouragement for the last 3 days of school, had a small portion of fruit for breakfast, kissed and prayed with hubby as he headed out to play golf, and now I'm off to get myself together for the office. I'm wondering what the rest of the day has in store! I guess I'll write the rest at the end of the day...

Praying in faith. Remembering to take each situation I face to the throne of God, wrapping it in His Word so I can rest in the knowledge of His answers. Working on my Spirit Man vs Flesh... Thanks to Proverbs 31 Living!!

Wellllll.... We had a doozie of a meeting with our Pastor this evening. I really didn't expect it to turn out the way it did. But, as the Pastor said, it was a teaching moment and will allow us to grow. A lot of guts were spilled. I shared my fears, disappointments, and anger about some things that transpired this week. I'd been holding back as I try to live my Proverbs 31 Life, but it sure felt good to let it all out!!
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