January 11, 2010

#22 Reason Why I Love My Husband - He's Sooooo Talented...

My husband is a very talented artist and graphic designer. He has a gift to see what others don't and create something beautiful from anything! I think God loves it when we are creative because we begin to truly be a reflection of who He is... He took a speck and made the earth and everything in it.

As a publisher, my hubby developed and created 411 Sports & Entertainment, the only black owned sports and entertainment publication in the U.S. When he talks about it, he lights up! His dream and his vision about where he can take this paper is beyond my imagination. It keeps growing and growing. I pray daily that it becomes a reality for him and for us. He deserves it. He works so hard to get folks to recognize its potential. I see it. But when will others get on board? Only God knows. So I continue to pray.
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