March 31, 2015

We Get Dressed 7-day Instagram Challenge

My sis in Christ, Chrystal Evans Hurst, began a challenge on Instsgram. The We Get Dressed 7-day Instagram Challenge.

The Challenge: Get dressed, post a pic on Instagram, and use the hashtag, #WeGetDressed for 7 days

The Purpose: Because some of us need the ACCOUNTABILITY to put a little bit of effort into what we put on each day.

Because some of us find this really EASY and what we wear will give some help to those who need ideas!

Because it will be FUN for seven days to take this journey together!

My Participation:

Day 1. I put on THE Armor, did my 30 minute Workout, and got dressed! Ready to support and encourage students and staff.

Day 2. I love the warm weather! An Old Navy Skirt given to me by my cousin is so comfy and springy!

Day 3. Our challenge was to add color... Friday is normally my Free/Planning day. I work on DIY projects, run errands, schedule meetings, catch up on Avon marketing and my reading/writing. But this day, I attended a funeral to support my sister in Christ who lost her mom...

Day 4 was Volunteer Day/Date Night. I volunteered at our church's Springfest - It was fun! Then for date night, we went on a wine, pizza, cheese, and jazz tour by Dallas By Chocolate. THAT was so great, we're going again next week for our anniversary!

Day 5. Sunday. The day we set aside to worship our Lord and Savior! Our pastor preached on Ministering to the Least. After service, we had an impromptu BBQ/Get together. We invited our small group and some family for dinner, movies, and games.

Day 6. It was a Monday in all of it's glory! Home repairs, Lawncare, and paying bills were the highlight of my day... The lawn guys were at our home well past 8pm because as they were cleaning out the flowerbed, the valve for the outside faucet popped off to release a shower of water that flooded the yard! We had to have the water company come out and turn off the water so we could fix the valve and then call them back to turn in back on so we wouldn't be without water the next day. How fun!

Day 7. The final day. Time to accessorize! Though I'm really not that big on them, I do feel a lil cuter when I wear accessories... Hee hee hee...

Headband - Walmart
Necklace/Earring set - Avon
Watch - Avon
Purse - Avon
Sunglasses - ???? 
And I'm never fully dressed without my wedding rings!

That's it! Mission accomplished! Several women participated. It was encouraging and helpful. Although the challenge is over, I continue to put a little more effort into how I dress each day. Continuing to exercise and try to eat right are at the top of the list. Gotta get used to the accessories!
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