December 29, 2014

12 Days of Fasting & Prayer for Marriages - Day 10

Prayer for Marriages in Distress
Lord, today I come to You asking for help for marriages in distress. Only You know each and every issue that each couple faces today...and there are many. Lord, You said that we are more than conquerors through You so I am asking You to step in and make a mighty move to give wisdom and understanding, restore peace and joy, provide forgiveness and love, respect, compassion, and honor where those things may be lacking. Please remove our fleshly desires and replace with Your Spirit daily. Help each couple remember WHOSE they are and what marriage represents. Help us consistently remember that our marriage is not just a commitment but a covenant with You and a testimony of Your relationship with Your church. Our purpose goes far beyond our wants and needs to honoring and glorifying Your name. Cover each and every wife and husband who may be going through a tough time in their marriage, Lord. Protect them from the enemy and help them to remember, they are not enemies, fighting against each other, but to come together in unity to fight the one who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy what You have created. You are an Awesome God. You are a Healer. You are our Provider and Mender of broken hearts. We love You and we thank You in advance for what You will do for marriages in distress today. Thank You, Lord. I am believing today for marriages in Your Son's precious and glorious name. Amen.

Verse of the Day
But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37 NASB

Food for Thought
Distress = extreme anxiety, sorrow, pain, anguish, suffering, agony, torment, heartache, heartbreak, misery, wretchedness, grief, woe, sadness, unhappiness, desolation, despair... Do any of these words describe your feelings in your marriage today?  I've been there! Depressed and unsure, frustrated and angry are some other words I could use to describe my feelings when my marriage took a downturn. I wanted out in the worst way.

But God.

He knows the issues. He knows your heart. In my opinion, the problems linger because we try to fix them ourselves. We forget that NOTHING is impossible with God and we forget to cast ALL our cares upon Him because He cares for us. When I let go and let God, He did a mighty work in my marriage. We were on the doorstep of divorce. As a paralegal, I was drawing up the paperwork myself...all I had to do was press the print button, get the money, and file it. 

But God.

I thank God for a pastor who is as real as it gets. As busy as he is, he made time to listen, encourage, and pray with us.  I thank God for a ministry that supports biblical marriage and gives us godly counsel to make it through the rough patches. I thank God for my beautiful sister girlfriend who would not let me give up. She told me the only person you can change is YOU!  It starts with recognizing, accepting, and apologizing for any thing you have done to hurt your spouse and your marriage. Whether its selfishness, anger, insecurity, or whatever. It starts with you. God is always an awesome Provider. Our problem is tapping into the resources He has set before us. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal areas of improvement. Work on yourself and allow the Lord to work on your spouse.  

Have you tapped into your resources? Talk to your pastor. Seek a marriage counselor. Find a mentor couple. Be encouraged today. 

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