December 28, 2014

12 Days of Fasting & Prayer for Marriages - Day 9

Prayer for Intimacy & Sex In Marriage
Father God in Heaven, please help us remember the importance of intimacy and sex in our marital relationship. Help us understand the difference and to keep our marriage bed pure and right before You. Thank You for the blessing of being able to love each other freely, deeply, and compassionately. Please continue to give us the desire to please each other in every way possible and not take for granted this area of our lives. Please remove any fear or reluctance to be completely transparent and naked with each other, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and sexually as we grow in our love and respect for each other daily. Remind us to continually affirm one another and create a safe haven where we can always be open and honest with each other in our marriage. We ask and pray all these things in your son's precious name. Amen.

Verse of the Day
My lover is mine and I am his. Song of Songs 2:16

Food for Thought
Years ago, we were invited to attend a couples leadership retreat. We had a blast sharing and learning from other couples. One of the highlights for me was when we did a round table discussion with other couples. I will never forget what one lady said to me when it came to sex in marriage... She said, when it comes to her sexual relationship with her husband, "Disneyland never closes". Oh, we laughed really good on that one! It was funny, but it was real, and I took those words to heart for my own marriage. Even so, that had to do with the physical act itself. What about intimacy?

We know what sex is all about but what exactly is intimacy? Some people mistakingly think sex and intimacy are one in the same. While they are both key to fulfilling your spouse's needs, both physically and emotionally, it is important to understand there is a difference and what that difference is.
Sex is simply the act of intercourse; the physical gratification of enjoying a good sexual experience and orgasm with your partner. Intimacy is something else - something much deeper. Intimacy is an emotional connection you share with someone close to you. ~Aaron Anderson, LPC
As you pray today, think about anything that hinders you from experiencing true intimacy in your marriage.  Read up on ways you can encourage each other outside of the bedroom so you can enjoy each other in every way...the way God intended.

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