October 30, 2014

God Gives us Samples

Today's post is kind of random. 

It's funny.  As I was creating my Avon sample packets for an event earlier this month, I started thinking about The Lord and how He gives us samples in our lives. He's given us many promises and He's not one to back down on His word. His promises are a glimpse of what we can have in this life and beyond.  However, as my pastor so eloquently put it, we have to tap into His power through prayer in order to activate and draw down what He has for us.

God has things He wants to do but until you draw it down it's not done yet. Prayer is your passport from the visible physical to the invisible spiritual.  Without communication with God, you stay grounded. ~Dr. Tony Evans

I began to wonder about God's promises so I did what we all do theses days... I Googled it!  Here's what I found.
I'm sure there are more resources out there. However, these two were at the top of the list for me.

Many people pray vague prayers so you wouldn't know if it was answered or not.  General prayers get general answers.
~Dr. Tony Evans

As we are preparing to fast and pray for marriages, we want to be sure that our prayers don't hit the ceiling. We want our voices to be heard, breaking through the clouds, entering into the heavenly throne room where our King resides. We want our prayers to be specific and according to His will. With that, we can pray in expectation of great things happening in our lives. 

We can expect to receive the full "product" instead of just samples.

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