September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend!

I had a pretty full weekend starting early Friday morning! My aunt flew in from Nashville to attend Megafest here in Dallas. She invited me to attend and it was amazingly enlightening and refreshing!

I was overcome with emotions as a little known 'Pastor' made her way to the stage to share her thoughts on Malachi 4:6 and share her testimony. After that, we went on a quest to find food, shopping, and more food. It was great to spend time with one of the Kingdom Women who has shaped who I am today.

Since I didn't get home til after midnight, I shared what I learned at Megafest with hubby Saturday morning. He, of course, provided me with his insight...

Enough said!

Later, we celebrated an accomplishment we hope to attain one day - his/our grandparents 65th wedding anniversary.

On Sunday, our dear Pastor returned from vacation with a vengeance!

And on Labor Day, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of food and fun. My father-in-law BBQd some mean ribs, chicken, and sausage, Mom did her 'thang' on the potato salad and green beans, and dessert was some Blue Bell ice cream. After dinner, we watched movies, then Hubby and I won three straight games of 'dem bones (dominoes) before we headed home to dance to some old school before heading to bed.

We had a GREAT holiday weekend! Thankful for some time to relax and refresh for the week ahead!
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