August 6, 2013

#KingdomWoman... Commitment Principles

God loves a seasoned sister-a Kingdom Woman who chooses to be filled with His love and power-whether or not she has any of her own to draw on.~Chrystal Evans Hurst
I had to read the chapter on Commitment twice. There are so many encouraging and empowering quotes in this particular chapter that it was difficult to choose the one that best stuck out for me!

I can certainly appreciate what the widow went through and want to share the four principles Dr Evans wants us to take from the widow's path of commitment. Of course, you have to read the book to get the full blown explanation!

  1. God's way is the best way to address life's problems.
  2. God responds to your emptiness (aka humility!)
  3. Give to others what you need God to give to you.
  4. God does not need a lot to do a lot.

In this chapter, Pastor Evans goes on to share a number of examples of the last principle, including Moses, David, Samson, and many more. 

Chrystal's illustration using her own life example is - as always - right on point!
God treasures the one who desires His purposes over an easy life.~Chrystal Evans Hurst
Do you desire God's purposes over an easy life? As we learned on Sunday from Pastor Tommy Nelson, "What on earth is God doing for Heaven's sake? Figure out what is God's will vs what is God's will for your life".

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