January 10, 2013

To Be Faithful or Unfaithful... THAT is the question

The only thing a person can change about someone else is... themselves. If you've vowed to be faithful and loyal to your spouse and temptations arise, it is your choice whether you will act on that temptation or be the man or woman of God you were called to be and keep your commitment to the person you said "I Do" to in front of God and your witnesses.

It's unfortunate that couples face the challenge of infidelity in their marriages. But, what God put together, no man, not even the spouses themselves, should tear it apart because of fear, lust, greed, or selfishness. Once you've decided to be unfaithful and then you regret the mistake you made and want to "fix" what's been broken, you have to be ready for the consequences that come with having made that very hurtful mistake against the person you said you would always love, cherish, and honor.

I don't think anyone is immune, especially with all of the temptation available on the internet, social media, and other places. If you're ever faced with the choice - to be faithful or unfaithful, I hope you choose the first. If you don't and wind up regretting your mistake, and the person you've wounded gives you a second chance, please take some advice from Dr. Phil to try to work things out (http://drphil.com/articles/article/127).

If you made the choice to be unfaithful, you must be willing to "take your licks" if you want to reconcile with your spouse and work towards a better future. Sometimes, the mistake will make your marriage stronger. It just takes time to build back up the trust and get past the hurt.  But if you really want it to work, you will be patient and allow time to heal the wounds. Be transparent with the hurting spouse so that he/she can begin to trust you again.
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