July 25, 2010

31 Day Challenge - Day 8 - The Answer to Prayer

Yesterday, I decided to cast all my cares upon the Lord and enjoy a carefree day. My prayer was that the Lord knew my needs and promised to supply them so I would wait on Him to deliver no matter how my circumstances looked. I had to have faith that He would do what's best for our family. I could pray and read the Bible and all the books in the world to help me get through my situation, but I had to trust and believe that the fight for our family was being held in the spiritual realm and God got my back despite how it looked in the physical.

You know how people talk about joy coming in the morning? Well, my joy began at 12:05AM today. And I didn't see it coming at all... A conversation that began at 10:33PM the previous night flowed into the morning. That conversation lasted until almost 3AM and then started again at 7:40AM for another hour. The conversation led into attending church service and truly allowing God to speak and flow through our hearts. We have been blessed with such an anointed pastor and first lady. How can we be under the teaching of the word through such a vessel and not be touched? How can we be a part of this ministry and not function the way we should? How can we be so blessed to hear the word explained time and time again and not apply and do what the word says? How can we not be convicted and allow our hearts to be pierced? That is what went through our minds and hearts today. It was truly an emotional day.

We enjoyed some family time and then returned home to talk some more. We laid our hearts on the table and made some serious decisions and recommittments to each other. If God is for us, why should we be against each other and allow the devil to destroy what God brought together? All I know is we aren't each other's enemy. We are the son and daughter of the one true king. We both love Him and we both want to live a life that is pleasing and honoring to Him.

Our pastor charged us with being God's kind of man and God's kind of woman so we can have God's kind of marriage and that is what we intend to do, not in our own strenghth, but with God's help.

Thank you, Lord for continuing to answer prayer, not because of my will, but according to Yours. You have a purpose and a plan for our marriage and I want to do my part to love, support, and honor my husband so we can live out that purpose for our lives.
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