January 9, 2010

#21 Reason Why I Love My Husband - He Has GREAT Taste!!

When I thought of this reason, I started to say he has great taste because he chose me. However, that would be VERY conceited of me. Tee hee hee. But honestly, when I thought of him having good taste, I was shopping with him at Vickie's (you know that place) and he was giving me the nod and smile whenever I picked something that he liked. That also prompted me to think about how he's really made our house into a home.

All the new furnishings we've purchased this past year has been at his nudging... meaning that we both liked it, but I was reluctant to get it, which has been my M.O. from being a single mom! All I ever think about is how expensive it is, but he doesn't worry about it. I'm trying to learn to be "free" like that when I buy something. But I ALWAYS feel guilty, especially if we have bills to pay!

The house is looking great and I enjoy being able to invite family and friends over now more than I ever have before.
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