September 20, 2008


When God has a specific plan for your life and a task that He wants you to carry out, for some reason, when you get close to delivering and completing your divine purpose, distractions will come your way.

They say that the devil attacks the family, then finances, among other things, when he wants to stop the greater glory for God that can happen through you. Well, I find that is what is happening to me... and the attacks are becoming more frequent and much more difficult... but God!

I have prayed and given over some things to God and will not allow distractions to keep me from doing the task that He has set before me. As a matter of fact, I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt know that the enemy is attacking because the project I'm working on has become bigger than I thought it would be... and this Epiphany just occurred this morning while talking to one of the candidates for the story!

Also, last night, I found out that a friend of mine knows 2 TV producers (one is in Seattle) who she will connect me with when the book is ready to launch and the book is now, not ONE, but THREE books in a family series... One for women, one for men, and one for children!! I have been researching to develop the questionnaire to keep the stories consistent, I have the confidentiality and non-compete agreement done, I'm LinkedIn all over the place, and I'm about to get my radio show back up and running... well, it never did run, but I had it ready to go!!

Sooooooo, let the games begin! Whatever God has for me is mine. If He said it's mine, it's mine, and I have to trust and believe His word is true no matter what things look like on the surface... and I've cried all I can cry about what's happened today... I'm getting stronger... and like the lady just said in the movie, I'm not bitter - I'm MAD AS HELL... But the anger I feel will be channeled into positive things, not negativity... and when the time is right, God's will will prevail!!
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