September 7, 2014

My Life...In Pictures!

Well, I gave my life story today during spiritual growth class. I prepared notes but wasn't able to retrieve them. But, I was able to share the gist of what I had in mind.  I talked about my life's high points, heroes, hard times, and heritage. This exercise reminded me how much God has had His hand on my life from birth til now; how faith and prayers of my family covered and interceded for me all my life even when I wasn't in the word. I realized that while MY plans didn't happen the way I wanted them to, God still worked HIS plan!

My plan was to go to college, travel, get married, and have 2 kids. I still got to do all those things, just in God's way and in His time. He still allowed me to go to college, travel, get married, and he blessed us with 7 kids between us. Five kids have graduated from high school, 3 are in college, 1 was in Airforce, 2 are in high school. Two kids are married and we have 4 grandchildren. So The Lord blessed me more than what I asked for!

Now, I'm challenged to finish my book this year... I have til November. Pray for me!



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