August 25, 2013

Back to School!!

Twas the night before back to school and all through our home, our youngest is ironing, packing, and prepping his 'dome'... LOL Getting ready for back to school is a bittersweet moment for me this year. Although we've been here MANY times before, each year brings us closer to the day when we will no longer have this moment.

It's kind of surreal as I'm thinking about it. We have four adult children, two children in high school, and our youngest is going into his last year of Jr High. Wow! Unbelievable. I don't even think I can write anymore on this one... 

I just want to say thank You, Lord for the blessing of children. Thank you for providing us with everything we need and allowing us the privilege of nurturing them thus far. I pray for all parents and children, teachers and administrators, as they head back to school. Please protect them against any harm as they go to and from and while they are at their designated locations. Please arm them with all they need daily. Please watch over them and give them wisdom, patience, and kindness... Amen.

Wishing everyone a great night and a great week!

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