July 31, 2010

31 Day Challenge - Day 14 - I'm so Peculiar!!!

When the egg is cracking and the last straw is broken the Proverbs 31 woman turns to God. It is with Him that she finds the shoulder to lean on, the strength to be strong, the Heart that provides hope and the understanding that lets her feel justified in her emotions but still able to push on through the chaos... to the blessing. I want to be that kind of woman! ~~Kathryn C. Lang

I know I'm peculiar. But that's okay. I'm the daughter of a king!! What makes me peculiar? Sometimes I have inner turmoil, but I don't let it show because I have a testimony in my walk. I can be transparent. However, only when the Spirit says so. Sometimes things REALLY bother me, but I'm allowing the Spirit to control my actions and responses. To a world that doesn't know how to "Let Go and Let God", that may seem peculiar. Oh, well!!
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